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News of the Firm Aug 13, 2020

BCF Welcomes Six New Lawyers in its Team

We are pleased to announce that our six articling students have accepted our offer to join our team as lawyers.

Sworn last July, Sophie Boulanger, Sara Couture and Jean-Christophe Imbeau specialize in business, commercial and corporate law. Émile Côté-Soucy and Alex Thivierge Côté will both be sworn in this August and will also be part of the business law team. Sophie and Émile will join the Quebec City office, while Sara, Jean-Christophe and Alex will be based in Montreal. 

Kristina-Soleil Pellerin-Stonier, who was sworn in last July, is specializing in litigation in the Montreal office. 

We are very proud to be actively involved in the professional development of our next generation and are pleased to welcome each and every one of these talented professionals to our team.

Congratulations Sophie, Émile, Sara, Jean-Christophe, Kristina-Soleil and Alex!

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