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BCF Global

BCF Global is BCF’s European arm. Through the synergy of our Montreal, Paris and Lyon offices and the creation of a cohesive team of lawyers and patent agents qualified to represent clients directly in the United States, Canada, Europe, and France, we have the resources essential to the growth of visionary and innovative businesses.

Does your expansion go beyond borders? Ours does too.

Our services are multidisciplinary and our approach is integrated. Not only do our professional have in-depth technical knowledge of information technology and life sciences, they also have sound local legal expertise for your operations on both sides of the Atlantic.


  • The development of intellectual property strategies
  • The ramping up of a patent portfolio
  • Trade secret management
  • The setting up of data privacy policies
  • Copyright protection
  • The management of open source software
  • Control of the risk of infringing third party intellectual property rights
  • Litigation
  • The negotiation of contracts, such as for commercialising your intellectual property
Our Offices