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Media Coverage Aug 8, 2019

How to React When your Photo is Reposted on a Satirical Website?

A mother from Rosemont wonders about her rights in a situation where her family’s picture, which was initially taken for an article published in the 24H newspaper, was then republished on the satirical page Le Revoir, without her consent.

Our litigation, media and entertainment lawyer Annie-Claude Trudeau was interviewed on the 98.5FM’s program "Le Québec maintenant" hosted by Marie-Claude Lavallée, to share her expertise and answer this mother's questions about the right to one’s image, privacy protection and the grounds of appeal in such a situation.

"Even if the copyrights of the picture do not belong to us [in this case they belong to the 24H], we still have the right to control the use of our image, even if we gave the photographer our consent to take the photo and to broadcast it in a specific context, it doesn’t mean that we have given this right to any other media and for any other purpose (...)", explains Annie-Claude.

To listen to the full interview broadcast on July 29, 2019, click here. [available in French only]

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