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Recent Cases Feb 5, 2020

PayFacto Announces Its Acquisition of Posera and Resto Finances

PayFacto, a leading payment solution provider announced the completion of the acquisition of Posera and Resto Finances. With these acquisitions, PayFacto moves into a payments and technology leadership position in the hospitality industry across North America, Europe and the UK.

"PayFacto's vision is to bring best-in-class, complete solutions to the hospitality industry, and the stars have aligned to bring together a perfect union of experience, innovation, and talent," said Martin Leroux, Founder and CEO of PayFacto. "PayFacto will continue to execute on further investments to drive hospitality business operations forward with powerful global hospitality management technologies. PayFacto is committed to being the best payment and technology partner with the hospitality industry and everywhere food and beverages are sold."

BCF Business Law represented PayFacto in these acquisitions with a team consisting of Pierre Allard, Julie Doré, Gilles Seguin and Vincent Garibaldi.

To view the press release issued by PayFacto on February 4, 2020, click here.


About PayFacto

PayFacto, a leader in the field of payment solutions, is established in Canada and the United States. Recognized for its expertise, agility, and quality execution, PayFacto meets the operational needs of small and large clients on a national and international scale by enabling them to meet their business objectives more efficiently and affordably.

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