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News of the Firm Aug 1, 2019

Pierre Delisle, Author of the 2nd Edition of La fiscalité locale : municipale, scolaire et régionale

Following the updating of the many rules affecting the finances of municipal, school and regional decentralized administrations, our consulting partner Pierre Delisle authored a new edition of the book La fiscalité locale : municipale, scolaire et régionale [available in French only].

The book aims to explain in a simplified manner the rules governing the preparation of the property assessment roll by the municipal assessor and the various recourses available to taxpayers to contest the roll or an entry appearing on it. It also deals with tax issues (municipal, school and regional) including budget, taxes, pricing, compensation, royalties, developer contributions and loans.

It is an essential tool for members of municipal or school board councils, local and regional finance officials, general lawyers and those working in evaluation and taxation, as well as all those interested in the funding and financial vitality of our decentralized agencies.

To learn more or to order the book by Pierre Delisle, click here.

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