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Recent Cases Mar 13, 2020

A Major $145 Million Investment for Alliance Magnesium

BCF is proud to have accompanied Alliance Magnesium in the financing of its commercial demonstration plant for magnesium production.

This financing of nearly $145 million will enable the plant’s construction, which has a maximum production capacity of 18,000 metric tons per year and will produce primary magnesium ingots from serpentine mine tailings and secondary magnesium from scrap metal from the metal processing industry.

Alliance Magnesium is a private Canadian company that offers a clean electrolysis technology approach for the production of metallic magnesium and other valuable minerals contained in serpentine rock.

BCF represented Alliance Magnesium in this financing with a team led by Gilles Seguin and including Martin Sills, Didier CulatValérie Charpentier and Anne-Frédérique Bourret.

About Alliance Magnesium

Alliance Magnesium is a private Canadian company engaged in the production of metallic magnesium and other valuable minerals from serpentine. The company has developed an innovative technology and process that gives it a cleaner and less expensive approach than those currently used worldwide by magnesium producers. The magnesium produced by Alliance Magnesium is derived from the recovery of a mine residue, transformed by a clean process of electrolysis and sold on the transport markets to lighten, among other things, the weight of the vehicles and decrease their environmental footprint. The company has developed a three-stage deployment program, with annual production of 50,000 tons in 2024 and the creation of more than 250 jobs.  Alliance Magnesium operates in accordance with health, safety and environmental standards. 

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