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Our Firm

With more than 500 employees and 275 professionals, BCF Business Law is the go-to firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises that have chosen Quebec and Canada as a stepping stone to growth and success.

Our entrepreneurship not only distinguishes us from the competition but has earned us the recognition of one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the 12th year in a row. BCF understands its clients’ business which makes us the ideal partner for ambitious startups, well-established private and public companies,  investment bankers, venture capital and private equity firms. BCF’s pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions turn clients’ dreams into viable and innovative businesses. 

Our relentless pursuit of excellence has earned BCF the trust of companies in all sectors of activity throughout Quebec,  Canada and the world.


Our mission


Our management team runs the firm as our clients run their business: with heart and passion. We understand growth management issues so thoroughly that BCF has been earning the distinction as being one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2007, an award no other Québec firm has ever received.

Our management team

BCF’s Story

In 1995, in Montreal, nine individuals, determined to transform the way business law was practiced, founded Brouillette Charpentier Fournier. Quebec companies and young legal talent immediately embraced the firm’s pioneering approach which led to rapid growth and a name change to BCF in 2002. In order to meet the continuing demands of a growing clientele, BCF then opened an office in Quebec City in 2001 and another office in Paris in 2018.

With more than 500 employees, BCF is now one of the most important full-service business law firms in Quebec and Canada. BCF has gained the trust of individuals operating businesses in all sectors of activity throughout Quebec, across Canada and internationally by providing services based on the core values of humility, creativity, generosity, intensity and sincerity. Its privileged relationships with highly respected law firms in cities around the globe enable BCF to represent clients anywhere in the world.


We are committed to being creative and flexible when setting a fee arrangement tailored to your needs, constraints and priorities. Traditional or alternative fee arrangements can be put in place, such as hourly billing, blended rates, fixed fees, strict budgets, volume discounts or contingency fees. Hybrid fee arrangements can also be considered.

Added Value

Defining the future also means having an impact on developments in corporate legal services. BCF creates innovative solutions that adapt to our clients’ growth, no matter the size of their business.

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Knowledge Management

At BCF, embracing innovation and new ways of working are cornerstones of our ability to deliver outstanding service and value to clients.

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We are committed to providing value-added services for your business. Our unique approach and keen understanding of business risks shape the way we practice law.

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Awards and Recognition

6X Eminent Lawyer of the Bar of Quebec


12X Best Lawyers in Canada

International Affiliations

Although BCF is an independent firm, it draws upon a strong network of affiliations and strategic relationships with law firms in Boston, New York, Palo Alto, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Washington, Moscow and Asia.

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Pro Bono

Our leadership extends beyond the business community. At BCF, we dare to actively contribute to a greater future for society.

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You belong to a generation of leaders who have influenced BCF. Our network of alumni welcomes you to exclusive networking events with former colleagues and friends and keeps you posted on the firm’s latest news.