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Major Cases Mar 8, 2019

Define the Future we Want: Equal, Inclusive and Diverse

One of our greatest strengths at BCF is undeniably the team of talented and determined women who are our women professionals.

Fostering the retention, advancement and success of women is a priority for BCF. We believe that the greater the diversity among our members, the better the decision-making for our clients and our firm. 

Although we are aware we still have a long way to go, as a law firm, and more broadly as a society, we are proud of our commitment and the steps we have taken this year towards parity.

This is why today, on this March 8, 2019, we want to highlight the seasoned expertise of our women professionals by compiling a Women in Action report, which includes a sampling of articles written by some of our experts on topics as relevant as they are diverse.

On behalf of all BCF members, we wish everyone a wonderful International Women’s Day!

Read our Women in Action report.

Download here