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Helping startups grow is in our DNA.

An exclusive program to help you accelerate your business’ development, by giving you a comprehensive view of the business world.

BCF was created over 20 years ago, in 1995, with the overarching goal of furthering entrepreneurship in Quebec. Built by business owners, our firm represents business owners and innovators and helps them move forward throughout all stages of their business development. Drawing on the talents of a multidisciplinary team of over 275 professionals, BCF is setting the standard in all matters related to business law. By basing its actions on its core values of humility, creativity, generosity, intensity, and sincerity, BCF has earned the trust of businesses from all activity sectors.

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, tax specialists, engineers, and scientists will assist you in all your endeavours. Our strength lies in our ability to find bold solutions for your business, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Legal and business services for startups 

Since its inception, BCF has been deeply embedded in Quebec’s innovative business community. BCF is at the heart of the province’s innovative economic ecosystem as a partner of many technology transfer companies, accelerators, and incubators from across Quebec. 

This deep-seated commitment to Quebec innovation and entrepreneurship has allowed us to develop our renowned expertise and unique business relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers in this sector of our economy. 


Discover the startups that have caught our attention and are now part of our program.

Our Ambassadors

We launched BCF Imagine to accompany the startups that are redefining entrepreneurship in Quebec. The first ambassadors of the program listed below taught us the need for a structured approach, tailored to innovators, and that would guide them through every stage of their business development.

A little over a year after launch, BCF Imagine startups, including our ambassadors, have already raised nearly 30 million, with the potential to double that investment in 2019.


The first ambassadors of BCF Imagine are:


Enjoy exclusive BCF Imagine member privileges. We make your life easier by making our firm’s infrastructure and resources available to you, helping you get your projects off the ground in a professional and efficient manner. Our strength lies in our ability to find bold solutions for your business, allowing you to focus on what matters.