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Recent Cases Sep 13, 2021

Indie Semiconductor Inc. Acquires TeraXion

TeraXion, a Quebec-based company founded in 2000 and internationally renowned for its low-noise lasers, Bragg gratings and integrated photonic elements, has been acquired for $200 million by California-based Indie Semiconductor, Inc.

Both organizations already had a strong business relationship, especially when TeraXion collaborated on optical sensor design at Indie Semiconductor Inc. and was involved in the design of next generation frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) systems for light detection and ranging (LiDAR) for the automotive industry to achieve maximum safety levels for autonomous and self-driving cars.

Indie Semiconductor Inc. is pleased to welcome TeraXion’s world-class design team and to incorporate their intellectual property (over 30 worldwide patents) and their differentiated product portfolio. Through this acquisition, they hope to provide unparalleled solutions for autonomous driving along with related highly reliable applications.

BCF is proud to have acted on behalf of TeraXion in this transaction with a team consisting of Didier CulatCharles-Antoine Dorion, Catherine Hébert, Chantal Simard and Martine Fortin.

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