Entertainment, Sports, and Media

The entertainment, sports, and media industries are in constant flux. The emergence of new media and the launch of new communication platforms have created new business models.

BCF’s professionals support the most influential cultural and sports icons in the country by helping them protect and successfully market their brands. We represent major players in the theatre, film, sports, and circus industries as well as television networks, music producers, publishers, video-game producers, advertising agencies, film companies, and digital media.

BCF’s professionals understand the market trends affecting the entertainment, sports, and media industries. We negotiate a variety of commercial agreements, salary caps, income-sharing arrangements, and broadcasting agreements on behalf of our clients. We also represent them in cases involving grievances, pension plans, collective bargaining, and arbitration proceedings. Our mergers and acquisitions team designs a variety of multiple financing structures, strategic alliances, joint ventures, partnerships, initial public offerings, financial products, tax incentives, and tax credits to help our clients avoid the setbacks that could impede their growth.

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