Manufacturing, Logistics, and Transportation

Manufacturing, logistics, and transportation are the backbone of our economy. To remain competitive, companies must constantly innovate, seek out new markets, and attract and retain top talent.

Meanwhile, they must reduce the costs and delays inherent in production, importing, exporting and transportation. BCF helps businesses meet these challenges. Our multidisciplinary team has in-depth knowledge of every aspect of intermodal transportation as well as smart factories and “Industry 4.0”.

BCF’s technology team helps clients launch or pursue their shift to automation, robotisation, 3D printing or smart processing, assess the quality of their products or technology integration, and make their manufacturing and production monitoring activities more flexible. Our international business law team helps our clients conquer new markets and address customs issues. Our patent agents advise them on how to protect and market their innovations. Our labour law and business immigration teams counsel on how to plan and manage a skilled workforce. BCF’s professionals tailor loan agreements, financing structures, and partnership contracts to match our clients’ business strategies, regardless of whether they involve mergers and acquisitions, investment capital, joint ventures, strategic alliances, or other types of association. We make our clients’ expansion happen, both locally and internationally.

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