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News of the Firm Oct 3, 2022

Fight Against Future Pandemics: Jean Piette Appears Before the WHO

On September 30th, counsel Jean Piette appeared before the World Health Organization (“WHO”) during the public hearings for the development of a new international instrument for preventing pandemics.

Our environmental lawyer spoke on behalf of the International Center for Comparative Environmental Law (“CIDCE”), as a member of an international committee of 21 jurists from 11 WHO member states who prepared a draft international treaty to fight pandemics.

According to Jean, two significant elements must be addressed to ensure adequate protection against future pandemics:

  • a mandatory notification system for states in the international community when an outbreak of a disease on their national territory is detected and has the potential to become a pandemic;
  • an epidemic tracking body able to alert and mobilize resources to assist States in fighting epidemics within their borders and in responding to pandemics at the regional and international levels.

WHO is currently working on a new convention, agreement, treaty or another international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

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