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News of the Firm Dec 23, 2021

How to Fight Back Against Pandemics

In collaboration with Michel Prieur, President of the International Center for Comparative Environmental Law ("CIDCE"), our counsel Jean Piette has co-signed an opinion letter in the newspaper Le Devoir which reports on the conclusions of the CIDCE’s International Committee of Jurists, of which they are members.

Following its work, the Committee prepared a draft convention that aims to mobilize the international community to prevent, manage and counter pandemics effectively, while respecting the rights of humanity and biological diversity. The draft International Convention urges States to:

  • establish coordinated national strategies involving health, veterinary and environmental authorities;
  • develop scientific research on zoonotic risks;
  • have the necessary specialized medical and health personnel and infrastructure; and
  • strengthening epidemiological surveillance through early detection and early warning systems.

According to the authors, the COVID-19 pandemic calls for universal solidarity, which inevitably requires a universal convention to ensure the well-being of humanity and the sustainability of the planet.

Read the article in Le Devoir (in French only)
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