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Media Coverage Jun 19, 2019

André Lepage Demystifies Salary Arbitration for NHL Players

Several National Hockey League (NHL) teams will once again have to go through the salary arbitration process this summer with some of their players who will be negotiating a new contract for the upcoming season.

If the average hockey fan is aware of the process, they may not know all the details. We hear all kinds of things about the procedure, including that it, sometimes, leads to heated exchanges that may break the relationship between an athlete and his team.

Is this really the case?

In 95% of cases, it goes very well.

In recent years, his services have often been sought in NHL salary arbitration cases. His experience in the field has been recognized for decades, which is why André Lepage was the perfect guest to demystify the salary arbitration process on TVA Sports’ Les Partants on June 19, 2019.

To view the full interview [in French only], click here.