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Venture Capital

From angel investors to entrepreneurs, BCF’s venture capital experts advise both well established firms and emerging companies in their capital investment strategies.

We also represent investors and funds in making these strategic investments. Our team supports clients during pre-seed and seed stage investment as well as in all subsequent A, B, and C rounds until a liquidity event. We also advise on related reorganizations, sales, and other exit strategies including stock market listing. Quick, effective, and meticulous, BCF’s lawyers efficiently provide you with the information you need, when you need it, at competitive prices.

BCF’s venture capital team are experts not only in the legal subtleties of financing arrangements, but also in market trends as well as the financial aspects of equity, quasi-equity, and debt financing. Across industries, our expertise covers all aspects of the venture capital market, be it a SAFE, a KISS agreement, convertible notes, ghost shares, or other financial instruments relating to the negotiation and conclusion of investment rounds, financing terms, executive compensation, stock option plans, or any agreements between shareholders and other creditors. We accompany our clients through every phase of their financing and successfully orchestrate a profitable exit strategy. Our in-depth knowledge of the business community, our multidisciplinary approach, and our international network enable us to work with all the players in the venture capital sector, across all industries.

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