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Press Release May 17, 2018

BCF Unveils Its Second Cohort of BCF Imagine

Montreal, May 17, 2018 - In addition to celebrating the first anniversary of BCF Imagine, the 10 startups selected to be part of the second cohort were unveiled yesterday.

BCF is proud to unveil the members of the second cohort of BCF Imagine, its exclusive legal and strategic mentorship program dedicated to high potential startups.

The startups in the second cohort of BCF Imagine all share an exceptional asset: the inalienable desire to become major players in their respective fields. Offering unique solutions, these companies operate in various and promising industries, such as energy, aeronautics, finance, sports, food, and health, integrating innovative technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. We are confident that their huge growth potential will have a lasting impact on our economy.

Here are the members of cohort 2 of BCF Imagine:

  • Ideate MD
  • Knøx
  • MAD Aerospace
  • Prodigy
  • REG inc
  • Savvvy
  • Sooth
  • Stratuscent
  • Vol en retard Canada

About BCF Imagine

BCF Imagine is the gathering of five strategic teams from the Firm - Business and Technology, Venture Capital, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Mergers and Acquisitions - supported by our sector specialists in Litigation, Labour Law and Business Immigration - who put their talent and their experience together to propel innovative companies from here.

The startup team dedicated to this program supports innovative companies in the various aspects related to the launch of their activities.

To apply for the program, companies can fill out the online form here.

Media contact

For additional information on the news release or to request an interview, please contact:
Sarah Mitchell, Chief Marketing, Communications and Market Strategy Officer
T. +1 514 397-6928 | C. +1 514 969-4032 |


“We have felt for several years, that everywhere in Québec, and especially in Montréal, all conditions are in place for the emergence of companies that will create true revolutions in their respective industries.

When we launched our BCF Imagine program, a year ago, I said that for a startup to successfully raise to its full potential, it takes true cooperation of the business forces within the ecosystem.

Much more than a legal support program, BCF Imagine brings together the talent, experience and business networks of our team members to propel ahead the startups with the potential to become leaders in tomorrow’s economy.

In one year, we have selected 20 companies from over a hundred applications. Their deep desire to innovate and to espouse entrepreneurship meets our core values and it's up to all of us in the business community to mobilize and help them shine around the globe,” said Mario Charpentier, Managing Partner of BCF Business Law.