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International Commerce

The opening of global markets and the demand for specialised goods and services offer tremendous opportunities for growth.

To take full advantage of these markets, however, companies must adhere to local laws and regulations regarding import, export, procurement, investment, customs, immigration, tax, and intellectual property. A breach of any of these laws, not to mention stringent and punitive laws enforcing economic or political sanctions as well as anti-corruption laws can have a crippling economic and reputational effect on a business.

BCF’s multidisciplinary team of international commerce experts directs and designs strategies for clients seeking to export or invest abroad. We negotiate and draft strategic international sales, distribution, agency, resale, licensing, and joint venture agreements. We conduct due diligence on behalf of clients seeking to purchase assets or invest abroad, and remedy any deficiencies we identify. We design policies, procedures and best-practices for export compliance, and advise on tax and transfer pricing matters.

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