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Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes often involve high-intensity situations in which the survival of a company may be at stake.

Prompt intervention by our lawyers, who specialise in this type of litigation, will help you manage, limit or avoid the financial risks, time constraints and operational distractions that these disputes can cause. Whether this relates to oppression, derivative action, corporate governance (negligence or waste of assets), breach of fiduciary obligations, fraud, or contractual conflict, our litigators work closely with you throughout the litigation process to understand and achieve your business objectives.

Drawing on our experience both inside and outside the courtroom, we adopt a team approach by using the multidisciplinary resources of our various practice groups. Our objective? To provide cost-effective, efficient and high-quality representation. Our expertise covers a diverse number of areas, such as hardware, software, life sciences, clean technologies, health, real estate, construction, energy and retail. Our clients include a wide range of organisations and business leaders: from start-ups and large companies, to their directors and managers, accounting and brokerage firms, or buying and selling shareholders.

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