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Tax Litigation

A dispute with the tax authorities can have a significant impact on your company’s stability and its reputation in the marketplace. Our team of tax litigation experts is your greatest asset when it comes to minimising the effects of a tax dispute and protecting your rights. 

Our in-depth knowledge of Canadian and international tax law, our vast experience dealing with tax authorities, and our battle-tested expertise before all levels of Canadian courts give you access to the most innovative strategies. We ensure that our vision is in line with your business realities.

We strive to prevent potential disputes. Whether you are faced with: 1) an aggressive tax audit; 2) a contestation of your scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax credits; 3) actions taken by the tax authorities' Criminal Investigations Program; or 4) a dispute over consumption or sales taxes, we are skilled, meticulous and innovative negotiators. When a confrontation before the courts is inevitable, our professionals will defend your interests boldly and with determination.

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