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Creating growth for our clients means unlocking our team’s full potential.

Our management‘s understanding of entrepreneurship and its sharp business acumen enables it to identify opportunities in local and international markets where BCF operates.

Executive Committee

We understand what it means to be your business advisors, as we are ourselves businesspersons, working together to build BCF.

Board of Directors

BCF understands corporate governance. Our firm is overseen by board members with decades of experience.

Managing Directors

To guide you in establishing the best corporate structure, BCF leads by example. Our managing directors design, deploy and monitor policies and processes in our respective fields.

Danielle Cusson

Marie-Claire Garneau

Solange Goulet

Steve Lapierre

Madeleine Laurendeau

Sarah Mitchell

Pierre Nadeau

Joëlle Tétreault

Patrick LeBlanc

Dominic Larose