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Mission Statement and Five Principles

Our mission is to be the leading business and technology law firm in Canada. We lead through innovation and outstanding service both for mid-market Quebec companies and the institutions that finance them as well as for international technology businesses that choose Quebec and Canada as springboards for their growth in America.

BCF’s Five Principles

As business partners and as people, our professionals are above all reliable, available and passionate about finding the innovative solutions that separate us from traditional law firms. These five following principles are the foundation upon which the firm is built. They define who we are and how we practise law.


When you entrust BCF with your business, you get a humble, generous, and passionate business partner. We are at your side at each step of the way, whatever the matter might be.

Team Work

Our experts are among the best in their respective fields. It is through their combined efforts that we develop creative solutions for our clients. Our multi-disciplinary strategic teams offer a range of perspectives and expertise with which to assess and respond to your needs.


We understand that businesses take calculated risks to succeed. Our bold solutions further and protect your success.


We believe that the practice of business law should not be shackled by convention. It is only by taking roads less travelled that ideas evolve. We put innovation at the heart of our practice to help clients’ businesses stand out from the competition.

Straight Talk

Our communication with clients is straightforward, direct, and sincere. We tell it like it is.