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Knowledge Management Solutions

Via BCF’s research and development centre, Knowledge Management combines the best-in-class solutions and processes with the expertise and experience of our professionals to create outstanding legal service delivery.

We work closely with Information Technology Services to deliver products built upon the latest technology. We also work directly with our clients to craft knowledge-based solutions and strategies to meet their specific needs.

BCF’s Knowledge Management Solutions are based on 5 building blocks:

  • Capturing knowledge: we capture knowledge in our Knowledge Management database of model documents, precedents, and thought leadership. This database is all the more important in the wake of increasingly demanding client guidelines, not to mention data protection legislation.
  • Delivering knowledge efficiently: we deliver knowledge efficiently through document automation and the creation of practice tools that make it possible for our professionals to provide top quality documents to our clients on time and on budget.
  • Sharing knowledge: we continue to develop internal training tailored to our professionals‘ needs, levels of expertise, and practices. We also custom design client training on a variety of matters.
  • Locating knowledge: our Library and Information Services regularly compile and communicate targeted legal and industry knowledge to our professionals and clients.
  • Creating Knowledge: as a research and development centre we share and develop novel ideas and solutions, and oversee a variety of sandbox initiatives involving cutting-edge technology such as blockchain or smart contracts.

BCF’s Knowledge Management team is always on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities in order to deliver substantive, innovative, and efficient knowledge-based services to our professionals and clients.

Knowledge is paramount and encapsulating the knowledge and experience of our most seasoned professionals drives efficiency and performance.

Gino Martel, Partner in Charge of Knowledge Management