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Our Commitments

Peace of Mind

Our growth reflects the confidence that our clients and the business sector place in us. We are the only firm to receive the Best Managed Companies award in Canada for 12 consecutive years. Knowing that your representatives are trusted advisors who hold themselves to the highest standards provides you the peace of mind to focus on your operations. 

Transparency and Controlled Costs

We understand that when it comes to budgeting you hate surprises. That is why we strive to provide you with as much predictability as possible and to ensure proper matter management. We initially define the scope of your mandate and regularly inform you of its progress. We offer different fee arrangements to adapt to what best suits your needs, constraints and resources.

Authenticity and Outspokenness

We are not your typical lawyers. We do not use complex legal jargon or useless words. We ensure our legal advice is practical, straightforward and accessible. We value our relationships and approach them as true partnerships. We believe in the power of reliability, availability and efficiency; it is the foundation of our success.

In-Depth Understanding of Your Challenges

Our service goes beyond legal expertise - we know that all organisations must take calculated risks to succeed. An in-depth understanding of your expectations and business concerns allows us to  identify your challenges and help you meet  them effectively. We do what is needed when it’s needed.

A Project Management Approach

In order to manage your matter as efficiently as possible, we use project management techniques from Day 1. We ensure that our best players are involved by carefully planning your project’s timeframe and establishing a budget that meets your needs.

Our Reputation of Excellence

Our teams of multidisciplinary experts are among the best in their fields. The depth and synergy of their skills enable us to develop tailored solutions for our clients. 

Personalized Solutions and Avant-Garde Approach

We are redefining legal services. We help entrepreneurs and avant-garde business leaders excel by putting innovation at the heart of our business processes. We offer distinctive and high-value solutions that generate prosperity and growth for our clients.

Agile and Efficient Resources

Our onboarding program ensures that law students are included in client teams from Day 1. Each recruit receives one on one mentoring to ensure optimal development of their knowledge and strengths. This personalized approach enables us to staff files flexibly and efficiently to ensure the best players are involved at the right moment.

Technology at Your Service

We offer exceptional client service and added value by prioritizing innovation and new work methods. Our Information Technology team offers outstanding training and cutting-edge tools.