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People With Vision

At BCF, we serve individuals, people we believe in and whose success motivates and inspires us. Diverse as they are, BCF clients have one thing in common: they are builders. They set up and develop their businesses with the daring and determination necessary in today’s competitive world.

The men and women who use our services run businesses or financial institutions. They are investors, managers, owners, inventors and entrepreneurs. But for us, they are more—they are visionaries with well-defined goals. And we help them achieve their goals, whether their businesses are growing or already well established, thriving or experiencing a setback.


25th Floor
1100 René-Lévesque Blvd West
Montreal, Quebec   H3B 5C9
tel. : 514 397-8500
fax : 514 397-8515
Toll free : +1 866 511-8501

Quebec City

Complexe Jules-Dallaire, T1
2828 Laurier Blvd, 12th Floor
Quebec City, Quebec   G1V 0B9
tel. : 418 266-4500
fax : 418 266-4515
Toll free : +1 866 925-4500

Media Inquiries

Ludovic Soucisse
Communication advisor
cell. 514 378-8425
Montreal, Quebec  
tel. : 514 397-2627