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Press Release May 28, 2019

BCF Global: A New Transcontinental Offer for Innovative Businesses

Paris (France), May 28, 2019 – BCF Business Law (BCF), a leading firm in the business law field in Quebec since 1995, is announcing its arrival in France with the opening of a new office in Paris and an alliance with Cabinet LTL, a firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP). This new entity will be known as BCF Global.

Focussing on IP law, BCF Global’s offer will feature Canadian and U.S. patent agents and attorneys, as well as European patent attorneys, all working as a team. Thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of its teams and its strategic geographic position on two continents, BCF Global is seeking to provide its French and European clientele with privileged access to the North American market, and to help visionary and innovative businesses in the fields of information technology and life sciences grow and thrive.

BCF Global is led by Philippe Therias, a lawyer from the Barreau de Paris and also a European trademark and patent attorney who initially joined BCF’s IP group in 2017. The firm’s alliance with Cabinet LTL and its founders Jean-Jacques Bouillet and Franck Tetaz, will strengthen BCF Global’s presence in France and its ability to act for clients in Europe.

Mario Charpentier, BCF’s Managing Partner states, “With BCF Global, we’re meeting the growing needs of a demanding clientele that is currently evolving in the world markets, which are highly innovative and competitive, with extremely fast paced development cycles. Using our North American expertise, we have developed a unique model made up of resources and methodologies that are tremendously effective, in addition to our fully bilingual services in English and in French. Combined with Philippe Therias’s knowledge, the expertise of the team at Cabinet LTL makes us a leading-edge partner for our clients wanting to operate on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“BCF Global is the result of a lengthy reflection that has led us to design the best global transatlantic service between Europe and North America, with a local base from which to provide advice. Our offer is based on our professionals’ desire to work together, from one continent to the other, and to allow our clients to benefit from this collaboration,” affirms Philippe Therias, President of BCF Global. 

“We are very excited to work with Jean-Jacques to bring Cabinet LTL’s contribution to the development of BCF Global in Europe and to work in close collaboration with BCF’s teams to better assist French companies that endeavour to develop their innovations in North America,” adds Franck Tetaz, founding partner of Cabinet LTL.

About BCF Business Law

With over 500 employees and 300 professionals, BCF Business Law is the go-to firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises who have chosen Québec and Canada as a stepping stone for their growth and success. Setting us apart from the competition, our entrepreneurship has led us to earn Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the 13th year in a row.

BCF understands its clients’ commercial activities and is well-positioned to partner with organisations, from ambitious start-ups to well-established public and private companies, investment bankers, venture capital and private equity firms. Our team helps turn clients’ dreams into viable and innovative businesses by providing pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions. Striving for excellence, BCF has earned the trust of companies in all sectors of activity in Quebec, throughout Canada and elsewhere in the world.

About Cabinet LTL

Cabinet LTL is an Industrial Property Advice firm founded in Lyon in 2015 by Jean-Jacques Bouillet and Franck Tetaz. Drawing on their past experiences working in-house and at a leading Industrial Property Advice firm in France, they assist innovative SMEs in the fields of health, biotechnology, and information technology with intellectual property matters in Europe and around the world by providing guidance that is adapted to their development projects.

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