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News of the Firm Jun 13, 2019

BCF 3rd Largest Law Firm in Quebec

BCF ranks 3rd among the largest law firms in Quebec, according to the Les Grands du droit rankings, published in Les Affaires, on June 15, 2019. With 510 members at the time of the census, the firm already has more than 520 employees as of today.

BCF is the fastest-growing firm in Quebec, with a number of employees that has grown by 20% this year and by 32.8% over the past 5 years.

This effervescence is reflected in the many projects that the firm is undertaking to stimulate the growth of the companies it supports and expands outside Quebec with the opening of an office in Paris and a new alliance in Lyon to ensure proximity with its European and international clients.

“This victory goes to all our members,” said Mario Charpentier, BCF’s Managing Partner. “Our mission is to create growth to define the future of our clients. In addition to the talent of our lawyers, it is our reliability, efficiency and availability that allow us to combine relationships and long-term successes. We have come a long way since 1995 and we can be proud of the ambition, passion and boldness that unite us!”

About BCF Business Law

With over 500 employees and 300 professionals, BCF Business Law is the go-to firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises who have chosen Québec and Canada as a stepping stone for their growth and success. Setting us apart from the competition, our entrepreneurship has led us to earn Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the 12th year in a row.

BCF understands its clients’ commercial activities and is well-positioned to partner with organisations, from ambitious start-ups to well-established public and private companies, investment bankers, venture capital and private equity firms. Our team helps turn clients’ dreams into viable and innovative businesses by providing pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions. Striving for excellence, BCF has earned the trust of companies in all sectors of activity in Quebec, throughout Canada and elsewhere in the world.