Professional Liability and Disciplinary Law

It is often stated that the practice of a profession is a privilege not a right.

Consequently, the laws and regulations governing professionals confer substantial investigative powers on professional orders, institutions, and associations. This, in turn, gives rise to the possibility of administrative, civil, or criminal action against either a professional or the business that employs him or her. Since sanctions in this area aim both to dissuade the professional and to protect the public, they can vary from the suspension or withdrawal of a professional licence to the shut-down of a commercial activity deemed contrary to a professional code of conduct. When one of your professionals’ integrity, ethics, or right to practice is at stake, the advice of an expert in professional liability and disciplinary action is essential.

BCF’s Professional Liability and Disciplinary Action team accompanies its professional clients and their employers in disciplinary proceedings before disciplinary boards or civil courts. We defend their interests including against complaints involving the illegal use or abuse of a professional title. Our legal acumen and skill are our clients’ best allies when it comes to efficiently resolving any professional disciplinary matters.

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