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Estate Litigation

Whether simple or complex, the stakes involved in a dispute following a death or incapacity are always high. The same is true for disputes concerning the proper administration of a trust. The very continuity of a business may be at stake. 

In these situations, you need the support of highly skilled legal counsel who can expertly guide you in best managing the property in question. This is the only way to ensure your peace of mind. BCF’s Estates and Trusts Litigation team not only helps solve estate and trust litigation, but counsels clients on how such litigation can be avoided in the future. Liquidators, heirs, trustees, beneficiaries, and mandataries typically seek our counsel to assist with complex legal matters ranging from the administration of a trust, of the property of others, or of an estate, to a mandate in case of incapacity. We join forces with our team of notaries to efficiently solve any matter such as the probation of a will, the homologation or contestation of a mandate in case of incapacity, the obtaining of a declaratory judgement, the varying of a trust, the appointment or replacement of a trustee, the rendering of accounts, or any procedure for the protection of vulnerable people from financial abuse.

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