Serge Lebel

Serge Lebel

Partner, Lawyer and Administrateur de sociétés certifiés (ASC)

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Serge LeBel has over 30 years of experience in business law. His expertise in the sector covers many fields, an asset which enables him to serve a diversified clientele that he guides and advises in a vast range of operations.

He has also acquired expertise in guiding and advising businesses operating in Canada or elsewhere and in negotiating business alliances and partnerships.

Northern Québec development projects and the resulting opportunities are also part of his specialized area of expertise.

Mr. LeBel also practices in the fields of commercial litigation, construction, insurance, real estate, banking and insolvency.

He is also a member of BCF’s Internet strategic team, which offers our clients strategic advice regarding their online presence. To understand and comply with the various laws that govern this ever-changing field requires the expertise of a multidisciplinary team like that of BCF.


  • He is a member of the board of the Société des Loteries du Québec and president of its Corporate Governance committee.

  • He is a participant on various other boards, as a director or consultant.

  • Highly involved in his community, Mr. LeBel has been a member of the Lions Club since 1988 and is affiliated with the Lions Club of Sillery-Ste-Foy-Québec. He is also involved in the Québec Youth Foundation and the Entrepreneurship Foundation.


418 692-4159


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