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Media Coverage Jun 6, 2019

Court Smooths Way for Canadian Exports to Europe

Despite some observers’ assertion that Canada’s free-trade agreement with the European Union has not yielded enough benefits for Canadian exports in its year and a half of existence, Didier Culat, senior associate at BCF Business Law, says a recent legal ruling could spur greater trade with EU countries.

He conceded that it has been a challenge to get businesses in B.C. to look at CETA but added that the task has been no less difficult in Eastern Canada:

“It’s difficult in B.C. because Europe is pretty far away, and B.C. is much more oriented towards the Pacific Rim than Europe. In Eastern Canada, it’s not easier because our manufacturing base is oriented towards the United States. We are integrated into American supply lines… so it’s a tough sell.”

Culat also noted that trade with the United States has had a rough ride under the Trump administration, meaning that it is now vital for Canada to pursue a market diversification such as in the EU – and the court ruling should be another major trigger.

To read the full article published in Business in Vancouver on June 6, 2019, click here.