Philippe  Therias

Philippe Therias

Member of the Paris Bar, Consultant and European patent and trademark Attorney

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  • Degree in Patent Litigation in Europe, EPI/CEIPI, Université de Strasbourg (2007)

  • CEIPI Degree, patents and trademarks, Université de Strasbourg (1992)

  • Master in private law (judicial careers), Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (1992)

  • Engineering Diploma (micro-electronics and software), ESIEE, Paris (1984)


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Philippe Therias joined BCF in 2017 as a local correspondent based in Paris. He is an engineer and a law school graduate with additional education in patent and trademark law, in patent litigation in Europe, as well as in mediation. He is a member of the Paris Bar and a registered patent and trademark representative with the European and French offices.

He brings with him a wealth of transverse experience at the service of companies of all sizes and nationalities having IP issues in Europe. Philippe draws this experience from his various past positions: as in-house Counsel for IBM, Airbus, Alcatel Lucent, and more recently a mid-size company, ALE international, leading him to practice in France, but also in the United States and in Canada for several years. The technologies of these companies, and the nature of their operations and markets, led him to develop additional expertise regarding copyright and contractual techniques.

Despite being regularly involved in patent and trademark disputes, Philippe has a preference for the prevention of disputes, or their amicable resolution, through the implementation of internal IP processes, and/or the negotiation of contracts.

As in-house counsel for IBM and Alcatel Lucent, Philippe drafted and negotiated IP provisions in numerous instances of procurement, sales and development agreements. He also drafted and negotiated numerous IP-specific licensing or assignment agreements, dealing with patents, copyrights, trade secrets or trademarks, or a combination thereof. All this was done to the benefit of the holding company, or a local subsidiary as the case may be, when Philippe was based in France, or in the US and Canada (for 7 years).

Professional affiliations

  • Member of AFJE, AFEP (IP group) and MEDEF (Industrial Property Committee);

  • Former: president of ASPI, member of the FEMIPI and board member of the EPI.


Philippe Therias handles the “IP Manager” course given by the Forum Institut, titled: “IP and Innovation Management”.

He presents regularly on the different open source software problems:


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