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3rd Cohort

This third selection includes young companies operating in growth sectors such as health, transportation, environment and telecommunications, mainly using artificial intelligence to solve the issues their industries are facing. These startups offer innovations that have the ambition and ability to change the game in Quebec, Canada, as well as internationally.

Maxwellian, Montreal

Develops optical sensing technology for solution providers in sensitive industries (automotive, aerospace, oil and gas).

Nordresa, Montreal

Manufactures and markets electric propulsion systems for commercial vehicles.

PYE, Montreal

Uses partner APIs to offer services easily available to users: parking, restoration, registration...

Solucycle, Quebec

Develops innovative solutions for recovery and treatment at the source of food residues.

Bridgr, Montreal

Enables manufacturing SMEs to find and collaborate with qualified experts to support, develop and digitize their operations.

Opportune Therapeutics, Montreal

An AI company serving the life science industry that provides molecular information to drug developers, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Botpress, Quebec

Creates an open-source ecosystem for developers to create, manage and extend JavaScript chatbots.

Brizodata,  Quebec

Data provider for business intelligence activities conducted by data science.

Qarrot Performance, Montreal

All-in-one solution to boost employee motivation and engagement.

Aeponyx, Montreal

A telecommunications equipment supplier, leader in WDM-PON and optical switching technologies, which designs and markets optical fiber access solutions to cloud computing networks.