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2nd Cohort

Discover the 10 startups that just joined our Imagine program in 2018., Montreal 

Automat’s Conversational Marketing Cloud encompasses the entire conversational marketing journey, providing enterprise-grade security, data privacy, scalability, and robustness that stands in sharp contrast to the simplistic “chatbot” experiences and capabilities offered by other vendors. Automat’s proprietary AI and machine-learning technology drives the most natural conversational experiences with users and dynamically optimizes conversion for the best business results. Founders: Andy Mauro, Henri Bouvier and Erdem Özcan.

IDEATE Medical, Montreal 

Medical device company established to address an urgent healthcare concern regarding endoscope-related infection outbreaks. Their disruptive new technology, called STERISCOPE, based on proprietary intellectual property, enables to safely and rapidly sterilize any flexible endoscope on the market today, with no evidence of endoscope damage. Founders: Philippe Conseil, Florencia Chicatun and William Wong.

Knøx, Montreal 

Knøx solves the cryptocurrency custody problem for firms that manage these next-generation financial products by providing high-end operational, digital, and physical security for their digital assets. Knøx is the world’s most secure and compliant cryptocurrency custodian designed to solve the needs of institutional investors. Founders: Ari Ramdial, Alexandra Lutchman, Nadim Islam and Alex Daskalov.

MAD Aerospace Corp., Shefford 

MAD Aerospace’s main goal is to design, manufacture, certify, and sell aircraft. This company was created with the primary objective of developing and marketing the Twin-X6 aircraft over the next 8 years—a next generation pressurized twin-engine 6-seat aircraft that will soon have FAR.2 airworthiness certification. Founders: Marc-Arthur de Grosbois, ing., Antoine Moreau and Jean-Charles Saint-Marc.

Prodigy Clean Energy, Cambridge 

The mission of Prodigy is to develop an Offshore Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) to service Canada’s Northern mines. Prodigy does not develop reactor technology. Rather, they have invented a new approach to NPP architecture, manufacture and deployment, which will reduce both capital costs of nuclear builds and energy costs to mines. Founders: Lori-Anne Ramsay, Mathias Trojer and Justin Lowrey.

REG Inc., Quebec city 

This company offers health products that can help individuals reach or maintain their full potential. REG Inc. is seeking to develop its impact by marketing products that benefit the end user: two natural beverages that enhance cognitive function. Founders: Bernard Guay Dumas and Guillaume Nolet.

Savvvy, New York 

Their ultimate mandate is to develop digital retirement management tools for financial institutions enabling them to serve more effectively a subset of the population not necessarily well covered by financial advisors, i.e. middle-class workers and employees of small to medium enterprises. Founders: Josée Deroy, Cecile Scherer and Marie-France Grenier.

Sooth, Quebec city 

Founders: Alexis Lussier-Desbiens and Marius Bulota.

Stratuscent, Montreal 

By combining NASA-patented nanocomposite sensing technology with Stratuscent’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, their AI-driven CUMULUS sensor does what no other chemical sensor can: accurately identify – in real-time – an unlimited number of chemicals in real-world environments. It is a game-changer technology that continually evolves and improves with use, and will allow chemical sensors to become as ubiquitous as camera sensors are today. Founders : Ashok Prabhu Masilamani and Tullio Panarello.

Vol en retard Canada, Montreal 

The first and only Canadian company that helps travellers whose flights have been delayed, cancelled, or who have been denied boarding. It offers a technological platform that can process claim requests in a simple, fast, and risk-free manner. Founder: Jacob Charbonneau.