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Diploma in advanced studies, Taxation, McGill University (2004);

LL.M., Masters in Law, specialization in notarial studies, Université de Montréal (1996);

LL.B., Université de Sherbrooke (1994).


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Natasha Girouard is the partner responsible for the firm’s team of notaries who specialize in wealth protection, and is also co-leader of the Wealth Protection strategic team.

Her expertise is in estate and taxation planning. Natasha Girouard helps business people and wealthy families put in place mechanisms to protect their assets and to transfer their wealth, in particular by the use of trusts. She often uses this planning tool in the preparation of testamentary trusts, estate freeze trusts and asset protection trusts.

Furthermore, she advises and assists liquidators in the process of liquidating a succession, trustees in their role as testamentary trust administrator, and legatees and heirs seeking to ensure that their rights are respected.

She also helps to secure the clients’ relationships by putting in place personalized marriage contracts and common law spousal agreements.

Additionally, she assists families with the homologation of a protection mandate for a relative who is incapacitated and advises the mandataries in their role as administrator.

Natasha Girouard is regularly called upon to set up non-profit organizations in various fields, including handling discussions with the tax authorities. She also assists clients make planned gifts.

Professional affiliations

  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Chambre des notaires du Québec
  • Association de planification fiscale et financière (APFF)
  • Canadian Bar Association (CBA)
  • Canadian Tax Foundation (CTF)


  • "Conditions légales dans la vie d’un entrepreneur", en in collaboration with Pascale Villani, presented to TD Bank, 2015;
  • "Les fiducies pour non-juristes", APFF conference, 2014, 2015;
  • "Les conséquences de l’inaptitude d’un dirigeant d’entreprise", MICA, 2013;
  • "Les préoccupations légales des entrepreneurs", MICA, 2013;
  • "La résidence principale : trucs et stratégie (updated)", (with Annie Boivin), APFF Symposium, 2013;
  • "L’affaire Éric c. Lola : maintien le statu quo des conjoints de fait, mais quel est donc ce statu quo?" (with Julie Loranger) BCF continuing legal education program, February 19th & 27th, 2013;
  • "Les mandats en prévision de l’inaptitude des gens d’affaires et des entrepreneurs" (with Julie Loranger) BCF continuing legal education program, March 2011;
  • "La planification testamentaire des gens d’affaires" (en collaboration avec Julie Loranger), Conference given at the bi-annual training session of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, March 2012;
  • "Comment minimiser les risques financiers de l’entrepreneur", Private banking of a financial institution, October 24th, 2012;
  • "La fiducie pour effectuer un gel successoral et les obligations légales découlant du mariage" to a business network of business owners, November 14th, 2012;
  • "Créer et vivre avec une fiducie de protection d'actifs," (with Julie Loranger), conference given at the bi-annual training session of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, March 2009;
  • "La résidence principale : trucs et stratégie," Lunch training conference given at the Association de planification fiscale et financière (with Annie Boivin), September 2008.


  • Member of the board of directors, Maison Saint-Gabriel


  • "Étude de cas 2 : La création d’une fiducie jusqu’à sa liquidation," (with Richard Gauthier, Julie Doyon and Isabelle Gouin), Association de planification fiscale et financière, Congrès 2008.
  • "L’incidence de la date d’union sur l’exemption de résidence principale," (with Annie Boivin), Stratège, Association de planification fiscale et financière, December 2008.
  • "Étude de cas 2 : Protection du patrimoine : fiducies et autres stratégies," (with Pierre Fleury, Philippe Jordan, Geneviève Leblanc and Hubert Sibre), Association de planification fiscale et financière, Congrès 2006.


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