BCF and Montréal InVivo join forces to advise entrepreneurs

November 30th, 2017

Governance and marketing agreements are central to the issues faced by life sciences enterprises.

As a leader in the legal community that is recognized for its work in life sciences, BCF has joined forces with Montréal InVivo to help members of the industry cluster ensure that they have the best possible tools for achieving their development and growth objectives.

A new online training program available on the Montréal InVivo website further showcases BCF’s solid contribution to this important sector of our economy.

To view the first module, click here.

Four modules on two topics

The first two video modules feature BCF partner and Chairman of our Board of Directors, André Morrissette and address issues relating to governance and the role of the board of directors in corporate development. As a recognized expert in corporate governance who on a number of boards, he has taken up the challenge of sharing his knowledge in a user-friendly format that is readily accessible to companies and start-ups, which will now be able to benefit from this online training initiative that is being provided free of charge.

The next two modules are hosted by Jocelyn Auger, a consulting lawyer who advises clients on issues relating to development agreements and marketing agreements. As a specialist in issues relating to contracts for technology enterprises, he takes a look at the things to keep in mind in establishing the legal framework for the collaborations that are central to the growth of companies in the field of medical technologies and life sciences.

These modules, which are being presented this fall and during winter 2018, will help thousands of enterprises of all sizes that work in this sector to understand the importance of these complex issues and enable them to learn more about subjects that are important to their companies’ growth.

BCF’s specialized team can provide guidance for enterprises both here and elsewhere that work in the field of life sciences in dealing with the various legal issues they face at all phases of their development. We will be pleased to help, whether for a procurement contract, a marketing agreement, a tax issue, a merger or acquisition, protecting intellectual property, or a commercial dispute, or simply for advice.