BCF is proud to reveal the 10 startups in its first BCF Imagine group

November 27th, 2017

Monday, November 27 - BCF Business Law is very proud to reveal the ten businesses in the first group of BCF Imagine, its mentoring program for startups.

“We are very proud of the members in this first BCF Imagine group. These businesses have developed unique technologies in the areas of life sciences, agriculture, artificial intelligence, blockchain, media, electricity or personalized support. Each one has everything needed to become major players in tomorrow’s economy.

For several years now, we have felt that the conditions are ripe across Quebec, and primarily in Montréal, for the emergence of businesses that will truly revolutionize their respective industries.

Let’s help them seize opportunities, prepare for growth and, who knows, change the world,” remarked Mario Charpentier, the firm’s Managing Partner, at the unveiling of this first group.

The ten members of the first BCF Imagine group are:

About BCF Imagine

“The BCF Imagine program is our way of giving back to the startup community by making our experience, our expertise and our business network available to BCF Imagine program members,” said Mario Charpentier, Managing Partner at BCF Business Law, at the launch of the program and website on March 28, 2017.

Services Offered by BCF Imagine

In addition to qualifying for reduced fees and exclusive basic service plans, the businesses selected to take part in the BCF Imagine program will gain access to 20 hours of free strategic and legal assistance and support as well as free material and standard contracts, exclusive training sessions, and other unique benefits. BCF Imagine startup members will also have access to the vast professional networks of BCF and its professionals.

To apply to the program, startups can fill the application form here.