By-law Adopted on contributions for parks, playgrounds and green space

June 27th, 2017

The City of Montreal (the “City”) recently adopted the by-law on contributions for parks, playgrounds and green space titled “Règlement relatif à la cession pour fins d’établissement, de maintien et d’amélioration de parcs, de terrains de jeux et de préservation d’espaces naturels sur le territoire de la Ville de Montréal ” (the “New By-law”). The intent behind the adoption of the New By-law is to harmonize the rules that apply to park contributions (the “Contributions”) across the City’s entire territory.

The adoption of the New By-law was preceded by the adoption of a draft by-law. In our release of May 12, 2017, we explained the main rules set out in the draft by-law. However, there are some differences between the wording of the draft by-law and that of the New By-law.

Indeed, the draft by-law stipulated that certain new rules would only apply six (6) months after the by-law came into force, to give property owners and developers time to adapt to the new system. After the public consultation meeting, the City changed its mind. The New By-law, which came into force on June 19, 2017, will only be effective twelve (12) months after such date.

Finally, under the New By-law, dwellings of three (3) rooms or more are not included in the calculation of the Contributions payable as a prior condition for the issuance of a construction permit for a redevelopment project. In other words, no Contribution will be required in the event of a redevelopment project for dwellings of three (3) rooms or more.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joseph-André Roy at 418 649-5496.