BCF on the move, putting our expertise in life sciences on the map!

June 16th, 2017

After a successful mission to the December 2016 Genesis Life Science & Healthcare Networking Conference in London — a concerted action by the Québec Government as part of the Life Sciences forum — our intellectual property specialists took the opportunity to highlight their expertise in Sweden and in France.

BCF's patent agents Andréanne Auger and Tuba Yamaç flew the Atlantic in March 2017 to participate in various international events while attending a conference in Sweden and a major trade show in Lyon.

The SweCare Congress, which was held in Stockholm at the end of March, as well as the Lund Life Sciences Symposium, enhanced our team's understanding of the life sciences ecosystems of Sweden and Denmark, provided them with an opportunity to meet Sweden's central industry players and to reconnect with participants they met during the Genesis mission. "The Swedish and Danish life sciences environments are very dynamic and we cultivated valuable relationships with numerous industry players, and with the Canadian diplomatic networks that provided support for our presentation at the SweCare Congress", said Tuba Yamaç.

"This mission allowed us to highlight BCF's expertise and promote Québec's life sciences ecosystem. These meetings will undoubtedly stimulate cooperation between Quebecers and Swedes and promote Canada as a gateway to North America ", added Ms. Yamaç.

As a result of discussions at the congress, a Swedish delegation is expected to visit Québec next fall.

Biovision 2017

Taking advantage of being in Europe, Andréanne Auger then attended the 2017 edition of the Biovision World Life Sciences Forum where she joined a delegation of representatives from Montréal International, Québec International, and a number of Quebec businesses. On that occasion, she presented Québec's ecosystem and forged new relationships in the Lyon life sciences sector, including Lyon BioPôle, one of Europe's major life sciences corporate groups.

"I was very impressed by the breadth of their ecosystem and the level of organization of their life sciences sector. It is exciting for us to have access to that knowledge and to the influential industry players. BCF's life sciences team is important, and we must showcase our skills on the international stage and promote our local ecosystem. Whenever we attend such international conferences, we attempt to identify potential partners for our clients. Montréal's ecosystem enjoys an international reputation as highly effective in the life sciences sector", said our patents agent Andréanne Auger.

The mission in France was also an occasion for BCF to strengthen its positioning with various Québec organizations on the scene and gave new exposure to BCF's expertise in Canadian and American law. This is a major attraction for foreign companies interested in establishing businesses in Montréal, where they will benefit from rapid and safe access to North American markets.

A new partnership

Such missions have positive value for the firm and follow-ups with Montréal International and the Montréal InVivo industry cluster have been significant for BCF, as the firm and Montréal InVivo have recently forged a new partnership. As a feature of this new collaboration, the firm's life sciences team will share its expertise in a series of training sessions. Details to follow.

Future trips

In the wake of its recent successes, the intellectual property team is enthusiastically preparing for future international conferences, specifically the Bio International Convention 2017 which will be held in San Diego at the end of June.

Congratulations to both BCF colleagues for their efforts in promoting Québec and spreading the word internationally about the expertise of the BCF team.

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