Julie Gaudreault-Martel Receives the 2017 Rajpattie-Persaud Pro Bono Award

May 26th, 2017

The Canadian Bar Association recognizes our partner’s outstanding contribution to her community.

At a reception held at the InterContinental Montreal hotel, in the company of many members of the legal community, the Quebec branch of the CBA took the opportunity of its Presidential Dinner to present a number of awards to professionals whose remarkable journey deserves our attention.

In this context, our partner, Julie Gaudreault-Martel, received the 2017 Prix pro bono Rajpattie-Persaud from CBA-Quebec, which is intended to recognize the outstanding social involvement of one of its members.

Julie has been dedicated to the cause of children for many years, and is on the board of directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal and the IT-Unlock charity. She is also involved with the Colonie Sainte-Jeanne d’Arc and Bénévoles d’affaires, a volunteer group created by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

“After eight years of involvement, I have learned that we can do a great deal for many people with limited means. I have met extraordinary people, which helped me realize that I am privileged, and this has made me want to give even more over the coming years,” our partner stated as part of her award acceptance speech.

She also issued a call for her peers to act by stating that this CBA-Quebec pro bono award “is also—and especially—a reminder to all jurists that it is important for us to get involved with our communities to ensure that they better reflect our values.” Over the next few weeks, Julie plans to submit her candidacy as Chair of the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal.

About the Prix pro bono Rajpattie-Persaud

Previously known as the Prix pro bono, in 2012, the prize was renamed the Prix pro bono Rajpattie-Persaud to honour the late Rajpattie Persaud, a Montreal lawyer who died in 2011. Ms. Persaud was a jurist who was extremely involved in her community. She was a member of the board of directors of Chez Doris, a women’s shelter to which she devoted a great deal of time and energy. She was also a very active volunteer with Head and Hands, an organization that helps young people in difficulty. In recognition of her unwavering commitment, Ms. Persaud was awarded the Prix pro bono in 2006.

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