BCF’s Expertise Featured on the West Coast

April 30th, 2017

While issues related to attracting high-tech talent are becoming more and more important for the Canadian economy, the free trade agreement between Canada and Europe is creating unprecedented opportunities for companies seeking to recruit the best European specialists for their Canadian activities.

At a conference held in Vancouver in collaboration with Bruce Harwood of Boughton – also a member of the Meritas network – and Michal Pisarek of the technological firm Dynamic Owl, BCF lawyer Didier Culat reiterated how necessary it is for Canadian companies to properly define their mobility strategy to make the most of Canada’s new Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with Europe.

Companies with questions in this regard are encouraged to contact our global employee mobility department, which can assist them in their strategic reflection and in implementing their mobility plan.

Canada’s shortage of skilled talent is a major issue, and the entry into force of CETA presents a historic opportunity to be seized by Canadian companies.

Click here to read the article in the Vancouver Sun.

You can also read the resume of the conference in this paper, published on Betakit website.