BCF Business Law launches BCF Imagine, its new mentorship program designed for startups

March 29th, 2017

Montréal, Wednesday, March 29, 2017– BCF Business Law is proud to announce the launch of BCF Imagine, a mentorship program designed for innovative startups.

Since it was established 22 years ago, BCF has been firmly rooted in Québec’s innovative economy community. Partnering with various university technology transfer organizations, incubators and accelerators throughout Québec, BCF is an integral component of this vibrant ecosystem.

“The BCF Imagine program is our way of giving back to the startup community by making our experience, our expertise and our business network available to BCF Imagine program members”, stated Mario Charpentier, Managing Partner at BCF Business Law.

The BCF Imagine offer

Not only will the businesses selected to take part in the BCF Imagine program qualify for reduced fees and exclusive basic service plans, they will also gain access to 20 hours of free strategic and legal assistance and support, as well as free material and standards contracts, exclusive training sessions and other unique benefits. BCF Imagine startup members will also have access to the vast professional networks of BCF and its professionals.

Finally, program members will have access to a personalized extranet where they will be able to consult reference material and to request any of the many services offered by BCF Imagine.

A well-established team, helping startups from launch to growth

BCF Imagine is the concerted undertaking of five of the firm’s strategic teams – Business and Technology, Venture Capital, Securities, Intellectual Property and Mergers and Acquisitions – supported by our Litigation, Labour Law and Global Employee Mobility sector specialists, pooling their talents and experience to help Québec’s innovative businesses hit the ground running.

The program’s dedicated startup team will support and assist innovative businesses with the various aspects of their operations’ early stages. For businesses prepared to tackle the next step, our growth management specialists will make every effort to ensure they reach their full potential.

A unique website

The www.bcfimagine.ca website is a unique platform in the legal services field. Accessible to everyone, this website provides an insight into BCF’s deep commitment to the innovative economy ecosystem in Québec. This platform includes a specialized press review, access to industry reports, a listing of the sector’s upcoming events as well as an interactive map of incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces across Québec.

This website also features the wide range of alliances BCF has formed with other firms in Canada, the United States and around the world, as well as with Québec financial and institutional partners, to help its clients achieve their goals.

“A true collaboration of the ecosystem’s business forces is essential to help a startup reach its full potential. Shared expertise can be valuable and that is why we embrace a collaborative approach for startup development”, indicated Mario Charpentier.

Visit www.bcfimagine.ca to see everything this exclusive program has to offer and to learn all there is to know about Québec’s startup ecosystem.