BCF partner André Ryan appointed "FELLOW" of the American College of Trial Lawyers

March 6th, 2017

BCF partner André Ryan was appointed "Fellow" of the American College of Trial Lawyers at the spring meeting of ACTL which took place last weekend. His experience, talent and reputation in litigation have been commended by his induction into this illustrious organization.

André Ryan is the second BCF lawyer to be admitted to ACTL, after Michel Décary, who notably was Regent of the American College of Trial Lawyers from 2006 to 2010. The Québec chapter of the ACTL has less than 75 members and less that 0.5 % of litigation lawyers in the U.S. and Canada are invited to join its ranks. Maître Ryan's very prestigious appointment is reflects on the firm as a whole, particularly his team of litigation lawyers. The firm's Managing Partner, Mario Charpentier, had this to say: "Asmission to the very prestigious ACTL makes us very proud. André Ryan's almost 23 years of practice, close to 20 with BCF, are being honoured by this invitation. We are obviously very thrilled by his induction to the College, which is unambiguous peer recognition of his superior qualities, of which we have always been aware. This honour contributes to elevating the BCF litigation group that he heads to the status of best in our market."

Through such appointments, the ACTL recognizes the excellence of trial lawyers who have consistently distinguished theselves throughout their careers by their professionaalism, their talent in examining and cross-examining witnesses, their unfailling sense of ethics and integrity and their community involvement.

About the appointment process

Each candidate recommended to the Province Committee undergoes a rigourous preliminary investgation conducted among the candidate's professional peers and members of the magistracy.

As Olivier Kott, President of the ACTL Province Committee, explained in the online legal bulletin Droit Inc.: "a member of the Committee is responsible for compiling an inventory of all trials pleaded by the candidate and for interviewing presiding judges and lawyers who appeared against the lawyer under consideration. The judges and lawyers are interviewed on a confidential basis bout their experience with the candidate, and they are asked whether they consider the candidiate to be an outstanding litigator who observes the highest standards of ethics civility".

He also noted that to be admitted to the ACTL, being an excellent litigator is not enoug : The person must also be regarded by his or her peers as a someone who has cosnistently complied with the highest standards of ethics and civility, is collegial and and treats all participants in the legal syste with dignity and respect ".

For more information on the American College of Trial Lawyers, consut its website at: www.actl.com.

For information on the Québec Province Committee, click here.