September 29th, 2016

Julie Lessard & Isabelle Ducharme will be in charge of this strategic team.

Montreal, September 29, 2016 - BCF Business Law has announced that its business immigration department is being transformed to become a global employee mobility department.

The unique approach now offered by BCF grows out of the integration of its business immigration services, on which the firm has built a solid reputation in the last 10 years, with all of the strategic services related to global employee mobility and relocation services, with the result that BCF can now offer companies tailor-made solutions.

“We are transforming our business model so we can offer our existing and future clients a service that is in great demand. The synergy between the members of our highly regarded business immigration team and the strategic talent of our international mobility specialists guarantee that this new department will be a big asset for the firm,” stated P. Mario Charpentier, BCF Business Law’s managing partner.

Employee mobility is a sector that is more and more in demand with employers doing business internationally or that are looking to attract specific talent from other countries.

“We will continue to offer the same excellent business immigration services to our clients, who in addition will now have the benefit of a unique approach that will meet all of their strategic needs when it comes to the mobility and relocation of their employees. With the arrival of Isabelle Ducharme on the team and the evolution of our service offer, we will now be able to penetrate new markets,” enthused Julie Lessard, a BCF partner who is the lawyer in charge of the firm’s new global employee mobility department.

“The approach we are now offering in this market is unique. With our integrated services, we can handle all the factors involved in employee mobility, from the immigration strategy to the move itself. We are the only ones who can provide our clients with this much flexibility,” noted Isabelle Ducharme, senior director of BCF’s global employee mobility department.

To learn more about these new services, go to mobility.bcf.ca.

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