Is Vancouver’s new real estate tax allowed under the free-trade agreements?

August 22nd, 2016

Our specialist Didier Culat gives his opinion in the last publication of Tax Notes International

Having a better grasp of these complex issues will help you close your deals.

Since this past August 2nd, a new 15% real estate tax has been charged to foreign buyers of real estate in the City of Vancouver. According to the British Columbia government, this measure will curb Vancouver’s skyrocketing real estate prices, and quell fears that the real estate bubble will burst.

Is the imposition of such regulations consistent with the various obligations incumbent on the various levels of government in Canada under the free-trade agreements? Didier Culat, BCF counsel and a specialist on such issues, answers questions put by journalist William Hoke of Tax Notes International magazine.

To read the article in PDF format, click on this link : Tax Notes International, Aug, 8 2016, pp. 473-475