All you need to know about international trademark protection

July 8th, 2016

When the time comes to expand into new markets, protecting your trademark is essential.

The firm's partner in charge of our trademark department, Johanne Auger, proposes the following five-point summary regarding international trademark protection strategy:

  1. Trademark protection is territorial.

  2. In most countries, but for Canada and the US, trademark rights are acquired by the first filer of a trademark application.

  3. A trademark available in Canada is not necessarily available for use and registration in other countries.

  4. A clause covering trademarks should be included in any confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

  5. An international trademark protection strategy must take into account your marketing plans for products and services as well as the countries in which your products are manufactured.

These five elements were explained in detail during the June 22, 2016 training session presented by Johanne Auger as part of the Ateliers casse-croûte series presented by BCF.

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*Stay tuned and contact us to find out about future training sessions in our Ateliers casse-croûte series.