BCF Is Involved In The Montreal TV Series Production Lobby

February 24th, 2016

Our firm supports the Mediabiz production company.

Mediabiz, a client of BCF and our partner André Ryan, is making waves thanks to its efforts to attract major television productions in Montreal. In this article, the daily newspaper La Presse outlines this Montreal-based production company’s strategy to secure financing from Quebec. In the form of a grant and/or equity stake, the goal of this financing strategy is to convince major industry players to shoot their films in Montreal. For example, the article cites the TV series House of Cards is being produced at a cost of US$5 million per episode. Bringing a similar production to Montreal would no doubt results in job creation, for the long term, and would have an undeniable impact on our city.

André Ryan’s mandate consists of lobbying the Quebec government. A first attempt to obtain financing from the provincial government was made in November. However, the particular TV series targeted will end up being produced elsewhere. In La Presse, our partner explains that for this specific project, he and the client “explored solutions aimed at attracting a major series, with the objective of getting foreign TV producers interested in Quebec”.

Convinced that other similar business opportunities will present themselves in the future, Mediabiz intends to revitalize this lobbying strategy.

For further information, please visit the Mediabiz website.