Women's dinner: parity committee, female chefs, businesswomen and high-level content

November 26th, 2018

BCF’s parity and inclusion committee, chaired by partners Geneviève Vigneault and Johanne Auger, held with brilliant success the very first “women's dinner” last Monday evening at the firm's Montréal office.

More than 80 influential businesswomen gathered during this thematic event, which showcased an exquisite meal prepared on the spot by three renowned female chefs Marie-Fleur St-Pierre of Tapeo, Maude Blais of Markina and Stéphanie Labelle of the Rhubarbe pastry shop, as well as high-level content on the power of parity presented by Natasha Bergeron and Marilyne Crépeau from McKinsey & Company and a carefully crafted food and wine pairing by Denis Marsan of Galleon.

“At BCF, parity and inclusion are at the heart of our priorities, because it is with the richness of this complementarity that an organization becomes better and more efficient. With the support of our management and partners, BCF is committed to making a difference in parity and inclusion across the market, for its members, clients and the community,” said Geneviève Vigneault, a partner at the firm for more than 15 years.