Employers’ rights and cannabis in the workplace

October 15th, 2018

Geneviève Beaudin discusses cannabis legalization in an interview with LCN

Geneviève Beaudin, a partner at BCF who specializes in labour law, discusses the impact of cannabis legalization for employees and employers in an interview with LCN.

Can an employer prohibit its employees from using cannabis at any time?

"In Quebec, we have the Cannabis Regulation Act, which lists all the enclosed spaces where cannabis smoking is prohibited, and that list includes workplaces. The Act also provides that employers may extend the prohibition to other forms of cannabis use, such as consuming it in food, and so on."

Drug testing

"If an employer genuinely suspects that an employee is impaired, such as an employee operating a forklift who is driving every which way and running into structures and it is very suspicious, then yes, the employer can require drug testing. Random testing, however, is much more complex. An employer may not require testing without having reasonable grounds for doing so," Geneviève Beaudin explained.

To learn more, please watch the full interview broadcast live on LCN on October 14, 2018.