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News of the Firm Aug 29, 2018

Bcf Welcomes Four Experienced Lawyers to its Employment and Labor Law Team

BCF Business Law is proud to announce that four lawyers specializing in employment and labor law are joining its team. Nicola Di Iorio, Geneviève Beaudin and Mélanie Sauriol are becoming partners at the firm, and Georges Samoisette Fournier is joining the firm as associate.

“The arrival of these very talented lawyers complements our already well-known labour law team employed in Montréal and Québec. This is great news for our clients, who will now be able to count on the services of a team with more depth and versatility than ever before, for all the complex needs they are dealing with,” says Mario Charpentier, BCF’s Managing Partner. “Nicola Di Iorio, Geneviève Beaudin and Mélanie Sauriol have excellent reputations and they further the depth and versatility of our team of partners. As for Georges Samoisette-Fournier, he is an outstanding young lawyer,” he added.

“We are very happy be joining BCF, a growing firm that has made its mark in recent years as a benchmark for innovative, growing companies. It is a modern firm that is ambitious both for its clients and for Québec’s economic success, and we are thrilled to be part of this great undertaking,” Di Iorio, Beaudin and Sauriol, the new partners at BCF, all indicated.

Nicola Di Iorio is considered a leading specialist in Québec, not only in matters of labor and employment law, but also in human rights and administrative law. A member of the bar since 1983, he has been a partner in large national firms and taught at several Québec universities’ law and business schools, as well as at the Québec bar admission school. Co-author of two books on labor standards, he has contributed to several research papers and presented at numerous conferences on the subject. Very involved in his community, he notably founded the organization Cool Taxi in 2010 and was part of creating the National Impaired Driving Prevention Week, adopted by the House of Commons, the first of which was held this March 18-24. He was elected Member of Parliament in 2015. Nicola has received many distinctions from his peers and was nominated several times for the most prestigious legal directories in the country.

Geneviève Beaudin has over 15 years of experience specializing primarily in cases related to arbitration, human rights, occupational health and safety, and privacy matters. She also has a significant amount of experience in social benefits and retirement plans. A sought-after conference speaker, she has also become an expert in drafting opinions and preparing arguments and briefs for labor and employment litigation before both administrative tribunals and courts. Geneviève received her degrees from the University of Montreal and the York University Osgoode Hall Law School in 2001.

Mélanie Sauriol is a versatile lawyer who has a great deal of expertise in matters of health and human services and who also excels in litigation before Québec’s various courts. In her practice, she mainly handles employment law, arbitration, labor standards, privacy protection and human rights cases. A member of the bar since 2004, she has almost 15 years of experience and has written many publications on human rights and labor arbitration. Mélanie received her law degree from the University of Montreal and also earned a post-graduate degree in North American Common law from the same institution in 2004.

Georges Samoisette Fournier has been a member of the bar since 2016 and is also a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). A specialist in labor and employment law, he holds an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke. In his practice, he advises employers on both collective and individual labor relations and represents employers in the context of infractions before the Québec Commission on Workplace Standards, Equity, Health and Safety (CNESST). He has also developed a specialization in issues concerning employees blowing the whistle on certain employer practices.